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Team of vipers

Sims, Cliff.
I was intrigued by this book, as the author claimed that it would be written from the perspective of someone who is on Trump's side. Having read several of the other current books about Trump's White House, I thought this might help balance my perspective. And it did. Sims is a good writer, which makes sense as he worked in Trump's communication teams on the campaign and the white house. He is right wing politically, but shares in the book how his personal politics have been informed by his mission trips overseas to work with Muslim refugees. Sims has a compassionate and friendly view of Trump. He thinks highly of the President, but does also share about some perceived weaknesses. Sims is careful to only share about his own direct experiences, so we don't get much of a window into some of the more controversial incidents of the presidency, since he wasn't in the room for those. However, he does share plenty of meaty recollections in a plausible way. Sims comes off as a reliable source in a current world full of unreliable ones about Trump.
Sarah Pump (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)