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Through the glass

Moroney, Shannon.
This true Canadian story is about a woman (Shannon) who meets and falls in love with with Jason. But Jason has a secret he must tell her. At age 18, Jason murdered his roommate and spent 10 years in prison. Shannon still wants to marry him, because she feels no fear around him. As Jason goes on to commit further violent crimes during her one month long marriage, she feels shocked and betrayed. She really didn't see this coming. She then gets very angry when friends say "I am afraid of Jason". Or "Jason is a monster". She simply can't tolerate those views! Maybe I just don't understand intelligent, and educated women falling for "The Bad Boy". But I can't help feeling that maybe she was just hoping for the best when she married. Too bad it didn't turn out that way.
Cate (Staff) (Clemens Mill Library)
One month into her marriage, Shannon Moroney learned that her husband was charged with the sexual assault and kidnapping of two women in their town of Peterborough. Here, she tells her story very honestly, with all of its heartbreak and, more significantly, hope. It was devastating for her to deal with the grief of essentially losing her husband; to be constantly misunderstood by friends, strangers, the media, and professionals in the criminal justice system; and to cope with the criminal investigation. Shannon handled all of this and more with a strength and sense of justice that led her to a remarkable place of forgiveness and healing. Her story raises important questions relating to justice, Canada’s correctional system, retribution and restoration, punishment and rehabilitation, victimhood, and forgiveness. This book was very hard to put down, and I’m sure it would lead to some interesting book club discussions too.
Anita (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)