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Strayed, Cheryl
This is a beautifully written lovely memoir, the parts about her mother's death are especially visceral and I'll admit to being brought to tears several times. But also it made me want to better connect with my own mom, and I feel that's as good a review as I can give: a book that stirs something powerful inside you that propells you to act. I will say, it seems like the author rushed through the last half of the journey, but I suspect that's for the best. Alot of the compelling trail material happens at the beginning, while she's still learning the ways of the PCT. So to waste an extra 100 pages on boring walking would have weakened the book. If you love this book and haven't read The Glass Castle, that should be your next read.
Jackie (Hespeler Library)

A wholly absorbing account about walking the mountainous and dangerous Pacific Coast Trail.  The hike  is a pilgrimage of sorts, and like all good pilgrimages involves both the physical and the spiritual. Part of the pleasure of the book and the skill of the writer are the shifts in narrative from the past explaining the reason for the walk, and the present dangers and tribulations of the hike itself.

L. Foster (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)