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World without mind

Foer, Franklin.
Feel like you need a good rant to re-confirm that social media and the internet haven't lived up to it's potential? Well here you go: Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google all get raked over the coals for the obfuscation/tax evasion and desire to control all aspects of our lives. Foer makes some good points,and although he is preaching to the choir, there's lots of reasons to give pause to our always connected lives.
Phil (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)
With the recent news about Facebook more and more people are casting a critical eye toward big tech companies. This book will make you realize that Facebook isn’t the only company you need to be worried about. As companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook invade every aspect of our lives, we may not realize what we are giving up. Franklin Foer takes you inside the history and mindset of these companies and the results are eye-opening. In the guise of convenience we offer up our privacy, individuality and critical thinking according to Foer. Foer also offers tools to combat these growing monopolies before it is too late. A necessary book for these modern times.
Jessica (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)