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Engineers have been examining the survival characteristics of fire ants to inspire future technologies.

The Physics of Fire Ants

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girl asleep in bed with alarm clock on table
Madeleine Banman | November 27, 2020
Many teens get up between 5:30-7:00am so they have enough time to get ready before school. This is problematic because of how long teens need to... Read More»
person wearing an apron, holding used paint brushes
Brandon, Queen's Square | September 25, 2020
Make a wish! Local teen artists are invited to join the Wish Cloud Project at Idea Exchange. This community-wide collaborative art program runs now... Read More»
teen student doing homework on laptop at desk
Patricia, Clemens Mill | September 1, 2020
It’s back to school time again, and this year looks like no other year. Most students will be doing a blend of in-school learning as well as some... Read More»

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