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Gamer's Paradise


Video games can be an exciting and adventurous part of someone's life. Check out some of the books that take video games to new heights or show futures where advanced games have taken over the world!

Kincaid, S. J.

The 14-year-old Tom Raines is not exactly a hero, but his virtual-reality gaming skills make him indispensable to the Intrasolar Forces. This militarized group is fighting in an online world for what remains of the solar system's assets since the natural resources of Earth are gone.

Suarez, Daniel

Technology through autonomous computer programs called daemons run almost everything in the future. Upon the death of legendary computer game designer Matthew Sobol, a previously dormant daemon activates and begins to unravel this hyperconnected and efficient world. It is up to an unlikely alliance to discover the game designer's plans and learn the truth about the daemons running society.

Silver, Eve.

In the follow-up book to Rush, Miki Jones continues to look for answers in the rules of The Game. The only problem is that the rules are unraveling, and Miki knows that she is being watched by someone or something.

Poznanski, Ursula.

16-year-old Nick receives a package at school containing a secret but amazing computer game called Erebos. Soon, Nick founds out that Erebos is more than a game as it knows a great deal about the players and can manipulate their real lives.

Silver, Eve.

This is the first book in The Game series. Miki Jones is pulled from her life into some sort of game where she and a team of other teenagers are sent on missions to eliminate terrifying yet beautiful alien creatures called the Drau.

Dashner, James
The rule of thoughts

This book is the follow-up to The Eye of Minds, serving as book two in The Morality Doctrine series. Even though Michael managed to complete the Path, the cyber-terrorist Kaine has new plans for him. The takeover of every gamer in the world has begun.

Dashner, James
The eye of minds

VirtNet is a large-scale gaming world that is as large as the real world. The gamer and hacker Michael spends more time there than in reality. However, one gamer is going too far and holding others hostage in VirtNet. Michael is recruited to find the culprit and stop him before it's too late.

Cline, Ernest.
Ready player one

The sprawling virtual utopia of OASIS allows Wade Watts and others to escape the grim reality in which they live. The creator of OASIS has hidden puzzles in the virtual realm that will yield a massive fortune. Wade hopes to solve the puzzles to become rich. When he is able to find the first puzzle, the pressure sets in, and his competition starts to show how far they are willing to go in order to win.