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Indigenous/First Nations


Books and ebooks about Canada's Indigenous peoples.


This collection of stories gives voice to the Indigenous women who are missing or have been murdered

Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Essays from Indigenous leaders, legal scholars and practitioners, state representatives, and representatives from NGOs, contributors discuss the creation of the Declaration and how it can be used to advance human rights internationally.

Dickason, Olive Patricia
A concise history of Canada's First Nations

Using an interdisciplinary approach that combines the techniques from history, anthropology, and archaeology, Dickason and Calder trace thehistory of the more than 50 First Nations in the territory that is now Canada, beginning with the arrival of people in North America across the Bering Strait many thousands of years ago.

Sellars, Bev
They called me number one

Shuswap Chief Bev Sellars recounts her residential school childhood at the St. Joseph's Mission at Williams Lake, British Columbia and the lasting effects her treatment there had on her later life.

Milloy, John Sheridan.
A national crime

Using previously unreleased government documents, historian John S. Milloy provides a full picture of the history and reality of the residential school system.

Metatawabin, Edmund
Up Ghost River

The autobiography of residential school survivor and former First Nations chief Edmund Metatawabin who was placed in the residential school St. Anne's in northern Ontario in the 1950's.

Mountain, Antoine
From Bear Rock Mountain

Antoine Mountain recalls growing up Dene in the Northwest Territories, the trauma of attending three different residential schools, becoming an activist in the Indian Brotherhood of the NWT, and his experience as a father and recovering from addiction.

Miller, J. R.
Shingwauk's vision

One of the first books on the residential schools in Canada and the physical and psychological abuses endured by First Nations children.

Fontaine, Theodore
Broken circle

The story of Theodore (Ted) Fontaine's experience in a residential school at the age of seven. He presents a unique understanding of why most residential school survivors have post-traumatic stress disorders and why succeeding generations of First Nations children suffer from this dark chapter in history.

Niezen, Ronald
Truth and indignation

Truth and Indignation offers the first close and critical assessment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission as it is unfolding.

Loyie, Larry
Residential schools

Includes the memories of more than 70 survivors of Canada's residential schools. Includes some history of the schools as well as maps and 125 photos.

Merasty, Joseph Auguste.
The education of Augie Merasty

The memoir of a native Canadian who endured terrible hardships as a child in a residential school

Canadian Geographic
Indigenous Canada

This atlas includes reference maps of Indigenous Canada, a section on Truth and Reconciliation, a glossary, and details on many aspects of the topic with contemporary and historical photography, maps, and a timeline.

Canadian Geographic

This atlas includes details on many aspects of Metis in Canada with contemporary and historical photography, maps, art and a timeline.

Canadian Geographic

This atlas includes details on many aspects of Inuit in Canada with contemporary and historical photography, maps, art and a timeline.

Canadian Geographic
First Nations

Canadian Geographic atlas which details many aspects of Canada's First Nations.