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Native Studies


This is a list of books, held in the library, that will help you with your Native Studies course.

King, Thomas
The inconvenient Indian

A critical and personal meditation on what it means to be a Native American in North America.

Sellars, Bev
They called me number one

Shuswap Chief Bev Sellars recounts her residential school childhood at the St. Joseph's Mission at Williams Lake, British Columbia and the lasting effects her treatment there had on her later life.

Warry, Wayne.
Ending denial

Examines conservative arguments and mainstream views that promote assimilation and integration as the solution to Aboriginal marginalization.

Milloy, John Sheridan.
A national crime

For over 100 years, thousands of Aboriginal children passed through the Canadian residential school system. Begun in the 1870s, it was intended, in the words of government officials, to bring these children into the “circle of civilization,” the results, however, were far different.

Miller, J. R.
Compact, contract, covenant

One of Canada's longest unresolved issues is the historical and present-day failure of the country's governments to recognize treaties made between Aboriginal peoples and the Crown.

A Day at Indian residential schools in Canada

This film explores life at three residential schools. Survivors recollect the daily routines, time spent on chores, and their feelings of isolation. The intergenerational legacy left behind by residential schooling is explored, an era often unwritten in Canada's history texts.

Gottfriedson, Garry
Skin like mine

Presents a suite of poems that peel away the skin of contemporary first nations society to reveal an inside view of individual experience.

Gray, Carolyn
Aboriginal treaties

A description of the many treaties made between Canada's first and later inhabitants that have led to the current relationships and culture in Canada.

Wallace, Rick
Merging fires

Merging Fires explores three grassroots alliances between Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous activists in Canada, including the actions of the Chippewa of Nawash, the Grassy Narrows First Nation and the Anishnabe Grand Council of Treaty #3.