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Charlotte Turner | September 17, 2018

One of the best parts of a new school year is joining some of the clubs or sports teams. It’s a great way to meet new people, get out of your comfort zone, or just to have something to do besides homework. If you didn’t get involved a lot last year, or are coming to a new school, here are some tips for getting involved in clubs and teams next year at school.

The first is to pay attention to announcements about activities. I know at my school morning announcements are pretty hard to hear, but you might miss the opportunity to join something really fun.

And if you do hear about something you want to join, try it out! It’s important to take risks, and if you go and don’t like it, in most cases it’ll be easy for you to quit. Just don’t decide against something because you’re not sure.

The final tip is to just have fun! Clubs and sports are a great way to have new experiences, make friends, and learn or improve a skill. Put yourself out there, and try something new!