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On Being Quiet


e-Writer in Residence

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Mya Kidson | September 18, 2017

People always ask me why I’m shy, why I’m never able to keep a conversation going long enough before it becomes awkward, and why I’m never the life of the party. Unfortunately I wasn’t graced with the gift of vocal confidence. I really don’t have the courage to speak up like that, never have, and I don’t know if I ever will. But when I am comfortable with someone, I will talk a mile a minute to you, because inside I have thoughts, opinions trying to escape every second of every day. My brain functions as an extrovert while I remain an introvert to the people surrounding me.

As a writer I tend to sit quietly and observe more than converse. I watch my surroundings and stories ideas come to life before my eyes. As an observer I have built a better sense of direction, increased memory, and compassion towards people. I can tell how people are feeling, what their future actions might be, and that helps me to assess what my further actions will be. Although conversation hasn’t completely been thrown out the window, it isn’t crucial that I have to talk every second of every day.

See? Being quiet isn’t that bad, and it truly has it’s perks. Why judge a person based on a personality when we all have unique qualities that are like puzzle pieces ultimately creating a bigger picture? A quiet person can become best friends with a loud person just like yin is to yang. Whatever your personality, embrace it! If you choose to be silent, be silent, and don’t let the criticism of others sway you to be someone you are not.