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Black History Month


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Federico Chaux | February 16, 2018

February. Most of us have always known it for Valentine's day, or for Groundhog day. It might just be me or have we only recently started to highlight Black history month? If you told 12 year old me that about a month dedicated to Black history and its impact, I would have probably been perplexed as to why it’s important. Now schools, cities and organizations are using this space during our calendar to highlight important black people in work, sports and those who spoke up and still do when racial injustices happen. Which is amazing!

Canada has truly made an effort to work against racism; recently Ontario unveiled a three year plan to raise public awareness about various types of racism. It’s about being educated on how people of colour have been treated over the past years and letting them speak up about it. Instead of saying ‘Well i never learnt that in school’ do a quick google search and read a Wikipedia article on it. It’s 2018, information can't be easier to acquire. I encourage everyone to just be mindful of why black history month is celebrated and the importance of this time.