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Brooke, Clemens Mill and Preston | August 3, 2016

Make your own sugar scrub!
With ingredients laying around your kitchen, you can actually make a sugar scrub that makes your skin incredibly soft with a healthy glow.

Coffee Sugar Scrub -- the sugar and coffee grounds exfoliate your while the caffeine in the coffee also helps to tighten and perk up your skin

Vanilla Sugar Scrub -- simple sugar scrub with a light scent of vanilla

Apple Spice Sugar Scrub -- the perfect way to exfoliate and smell like a fresh apple pie (if that's your thing)

NOTE: Many people use sugar scrub in the shower before shaving their legs for extra softness. Just be sure to use really hot water to keep the tub from getting too slippery from the oil.

NOTE #2: If your face is naturally oily, do not use sugar scrub there!

Create a super bath bomb!
For a moisturizing and relaxing bath, you can use a bath bomb instead of simple bubble bath. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually make these at home!
Basic Bath Bomb Recipe -- Feel free to use any essential oils that you want to create a personal bath bomb scent with this recipe. 

Bath Bombs Using Cream of Tartar -- If you can't find citric acid at the store, you can make a bath bomb using Cream of Tartar (easily found in the baking section of the grocery store since it's used for making specific types of desserts like snickerdoodle cookies!)

TIP: If you don't want to fork over cash for a bath bomb mold, you can use those hollow plastic Easter eggs instead!