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Exam Stress? We Can Help



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Rebecca Soares, Conestoga College Print Journalism Student | May 2, 2018

If only we could have Google sit next to us during exams. Unfortunately, we all have to spend time going over and over course material and it can seem quite daunting. During exam time, we all tend to get a bit of tunnel vision and only focus on the exams for two weeks straight. While a little bit of stress can be motivating, too much will have an impact on you mentally and that’s the last thing you need during this stressful time.

As a college student, I understand that you desperately want to get good grades and you have to pass the course/program. But that doesn’t mean you should slip into a habit of studying constantly. You have to find ways to deal with the stress. If you’re struggling to do this, here are my suggestions for ways to help ease your mind and relieve some of the stress you’re feeling:

  1. It’s okay to take a break from studying. In fact, studies found that it’s actually more effective if you take an occasional break. Talk with a friend or watch the new episode of your favourite show.
  2. Eat well. Eating healthy food will help your brain function at a higher capacity. While fast food is quick and easy, your body needs nutrients and protein to function.
  3. DO NOT only study the night before an exam. You may think it’s an easy exam or that one full night is plenty enough studying – but you’re wrong. No exam is easy enough to study for in 10 minutes.
  4. Find something that’ll take your mind off exams for a couple of hours. Whether you go to a movie or visit the Idea Exchange, Clemens Mill teen lounge to play video games, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes you just need to shut off your mind for an hour or two.
  5. Study with friends. Having a group discussion on test material can be beneficial to helping you process information. But if you study with your friends, avoid comparing their expertise against yours. If they know more or you know more about a particular topic, help each other out.
  6. Head to the gym. Take out some exam rage on the machines.

There’s a variety of things out there that can help you relieve stress. Whether meditation or having a conversation with a friend helps, be sure to do that during this stressful time! And remember, there’s a life after exams.