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    Teens writing exams

Mya Kidson | October 21, 2020

How do you stay calm during exams?

Exams perhaps are the most stressful part of school, where we have to recap everything we learned from the whole semester and condense it so we can remember it all. We have to do this 3-4 times depending on what subjects require exams. I have yet to meet someone who loves exams. I find them rather tolerable, despite being stressful.

Exams are stressful. I used to get stressed about them and I still do, but the severity of my anxiety has lessened drastically. The pre-exam stress in grade 9 was chaotic. I got panic attacks and worried about studying every second of every day. By grade 11 I am pretty used to exams. Of course, stress is still present, but it lingers unconsciously in the back of my mind and only comes out periodically leading up to the exam week. To be comfortable with exams, you have to get into the exam mindset. Yes exams are worth a lot, but it isn’t the end of the world if you flunk it. Life is full of bumps and steep hills. Tripping over life’s bumps will only leave a bruise, which may hurt for a bit and cause a little regret and maybe some emptiness inside, but it will only last momentarily, and once the bruise is gone, life continues like it never happened.

My suggestion for a smooth sailing exam period, is to study A LOT, and not the night before. Whenever I become aware of a test date I start studying well in advance, often 2 weeks at the least. I do not like to procrastinate because the consequences seem to scare me away from making a habit of it. To limit procrastination, I keep an agenda to set goals for myself. I commit to at least 30 minutes per night for each subject of homework and study, starting with the most important homework first. Always, always, always remember to take breaks, because you will be more motivated and focused on finishing your study session. My breaks typically consist of zumba, snack breaks, and socialization with my dog and family.

Yes exams are challenging, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Exams are just to prove that you know the material taught to you throughout the semester. Going into exams with confidence will give you a better outlook on success and therefore you will achieve greatness. So get studying, live life, be confident in yourself and you will get the mark you want.