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Fall Teen Tastemaker Recommendations


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Teen Tastemakers | October 22, 2021

This summer we asked our Teen Tastemakers about their favourite recent discoveries in books, movies, music, and more. Read on for some great recommendations to enjoy as the days get shorter and we settle into another school year:


Girl, Serpent, Thorn is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty set in a fantasy world based on Persian mythology. I really enjoyed this book; the main character Soraya was very compelling, the world was well-drawn, and I liked the romance a lot. The ending especially was very poetic. (Gemma T.)

I have been obsessed with thriller books recently. Some thriller authors you should definitely check out are Gillian Flynn, Tana French, Ruth Ware, Paula Hawkins, and A.J Finn. Thrillers are purposefully written to draw you in, build up fast and grip you, as you navigate the story full of twists and turns. After reading a thriller, I always feel like I was participating in the mystery, and helped unravel it. (Sahar K.)


His Girl Friday is a classic screwball comedy released in 1942 and starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. Russell stars as Hildy, a woman trying to leave the newspaper business while her ex-husband Walter (Grant) tries to pull her back in. It is very entertaining, with quick and witty dialogue, good chemistry between the leads, and lots of shenanigans. (Charlotte T.)

I watched this 2016 thriller/horror movie called Hush (available on Netflix) and I loved it. It's about a deaf woman who lived alone and gets attacked in her own home. (Sahar K.)

This month I am loving Bake Squad, a new show on Netflix where 4 bakers compete to make a dessert for a client's special event (birthday party, wedding, etc.). The personalities of the contestants are really fun and likeable, and I enjoy how they support each other. All of their desserts are so creative as well, and I enjoy seeing the recipients' reactions. (Abigail S.)


I am loving going to Canada's Wonderland with my family. I love the thrills and chills that come with the rides. The food is pretty great too! Just remember to be masked and social distance yourself. Always sanitize your hands after your ride. (Sana K.)

I am loving Rock Point, a campground on lake Erie. There are lot's of smooth colourful rocks and shells. Also there are many fossils and fossil grounds. The lake is wonderful with huge waves fun to play in. The campsites are beautiful with many big willow trees surrounding the areas. (Gabrielle S.)


This month I'm loving Bubbles & Co. It is a unique & fun shop in downtown Galt with eco-friendly toys and gifts. I have mostly been loving it this summer for their ice cream and gelato. It is delicious and I love to get it while I am walking around downtown. (Abigail S.)

I am loving Value Village. This store is so great, full of so many different styles and brands of clothes. Though they may not be perfectly new all the clothing and other things are usually in good condition, and some practically brand new. (Gabrielle S.)


This month I am loving freerice.com. Freerice is a website that allows users to answer multiple choice questions about a wide variety of questions. For every question answered correctly, Freerice donates ten grains of rice through the United Nation's World Food Programme. I love using it to brush up on my knowledge of different topics such as French vocabulary and geography. (Abigail S.)

I found this Youtuber called Johnny Harris, who is a journalist who makes very interesting videos about what's going on in the world. He makes everything super enjoyable and easy to understand. (Sahar K)