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Mya Kidson | October 19, 2017

T’is the time for fall desserts, treats galore, and movie marathons. When fall comes around, I start planning right away. Our house is instantly decorated for Halloween by October. As a fall fanatic I have mastered the art of how to prepare for this season. Fall is my favourite season and what better to fill it with delectable food and my favourite classic movie picks.

The following recipes have to be one of my favourite meals to make in fall. As a vegetarian I love to fill my plate with a variety of vegetables and I think that this recipe serves a wholesome yet warming bowl of happiness.

The following links will take you to my favourite fall recipes that never fail to impress:

Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Soup

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

Soft Gingersnap Cookies

When I am treating myself to this fall food it definitely gets me into the Halloween spirit. I start watching Halloween movies the minute “October First” arrives. Here is my list of my favourite Halloween movies…

  1. Halloweentown
  2. Hocus Pocus
  3. The Addams Family
  4. Monster House
  5. Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  6. Twitches
  7. Corpse bride
  8. Bewitched
  9. Pet Sematary
  10. Sleepy Hollow
  11. The Exorcist
  12. The Changeling