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Meredith, Queen's Square | April 12, 2018

If you’re anything like me, you love getting immersed in the worlds of your favourite books, movies, games, and shows. And part of that immersion comes in the form of food! Have you ever read the description for a fictional feast and found your mouth watering? Ever have to pause what you’re watching to go and get the food the characters are eating on-screen?

Have you ever made any of these recipes yourself?

There are a ton of fantastic resources out there to help you experience the food of your favourite fandoms. Try this recipe for a (non-alcoholic) Butterbeer shake, or this one for Lightsaber Corndogs. Or you could whip up some Hunger Games Capitol Pumpkin Soup, maybe followed by a Divergent Dauntless Cake. Fan of Doctor Who? That’s easy. Go out and have some Jelly Babies, or grab some frozen fish sticks and a can of custard, and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal.**

**Full Disclosure: I’ve actually tried fish sticks and custard, and I’m not sure delicious is exactly the right word…

Want to explore more of these magical (or grisly) culinary worlds? You can borrow a literary cookbook, like this one inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia, or you can check out YouTube channels like Feast of Fiction, where you can find video recipes for a host of fandom foods like Pokémon Poffins and Ghostbusters Ecto-Cooler.

Feast of Fiction - Krabby Patties


Submitted by Emma (not verified) on

When I was little I had the Anne of Green Gables cookbook and I loved making all the recipes from my favourite book series! Emma @ Preston