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Fate Falls From the Sky


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  • Man with paper airplane
    Man with paper airplane

Mya Kidson | June 5, 2017

Fate Falls from the Sky

Outside a two story building window, a paper fell. It drifted gracefully, passing windows of buildings. The paper was a soft pastel blue and was folded several times, with the words “open me” written on one side. The paper eventually reached the grounds of the bustling city street sidewalks, but was swept up with the wind of the fast paced walkers, and made its way to the park, under a bench.

A man who had been in a rough situation lately, slumped down into the black rod iron bench that had started to rust from rainfall. The blue paper remained unnoticed by the man, as he looked up at the clouds, passing by as time passed. He thought about his future, and things seemed bleak and lonely, while the sky seemed to compromise his happiness. This made him sad.

A girl sat down next to the man and smiled. He smiled back. His eyes met hers and he felt an instant connection. Trying not to show his reddening face, he looked down at the ground. Underneath his shoe was a blue paper. He thought she had dropped it, so he picked it up and handed it to the girl.

As she read the note, a grin like no other formed on her face, and protruded into her cheeks. She took out a pen and scrawled something on the blue sheet. Folding it up, she handed it to him and got up to start walking.

Confused and awestruck about his interaction with the girl, he opened the blue note which read, “Hello, I hope you have a beautiful day, as beautiful as you are,” his jaw dropped, “your smile shines like all the stars in the sky combined.” Under this was a messier chicken scratch writing with a different colour pen that read, “And you sir, you’re very handsome.” He caught up to her and they talked and talked. Meanwhile, he looked up to the sky and knew that fate was staring down upon them.