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Meredith, Queen's Square | October 3, 2016

Did you know that video games were never intended to be more for boys than for girls? Originally, video games were equally marketed to both genders, but somewhere along the way Nintendo chose to market their new gaming system to boys. If they hadn’t, what might video game culture look like today?

Girls are gamers, too. In fact, a recent major study suggests that 59% of teenage girls play video games. Some female gamers have huge fan-bases, and some have even made a professional career out of gaming. Check out this list of female Youtube gamers like Dodger Leigh and iHasCupquake, or read about the experiences of female gamers like Lilian Chen and Latoya Peterson.

But for some girls, it’s not just about playing the games. Girls make wicked game designers as well. Paulina Raguimov started an internship with a video game design company after attending a school career fair at the age of 16. By the time she turned 19, she was a full-time game designer for JumpStart. And then there’s Sophie Houser and Andy Gonzalez, two girls who aimed to shed light on the Menstrual Taboo by creating a video game called Tampon Run, where instead of guns, players shoot tampons at their enemies. In addition to starting a great conversation about the way girls’ bodies are perceived by our society, these teens are also doing their part to encourage more girls to get into tech!

So go ahead and unleash your girly gamer. Solve puzzles, dance to your favourite song, save the world in an epic fantasy quest, or maybe just throw some virtual tampons. And watch the video below to learn more about why people (unfairly) believe video games are just for boys.

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Submitted by Jonathan (not verified) on

Are you people kidding me? no, video games were never ever built specifically for males. no, this is not the case. It can be simply explained through supply and demand. On average, most people who buy and play games are males. When put into the corporate perspective, why would a video game manufacturer make video games not targeted to the majority market? Lets get realistic here, the only reason why there hasn't been any video games mostly targeted to a female buyer is because there just isn't enough female buyers on average. Why would someone even assume that video games are just for boys? more importantly, why is there such warfare waged on mens hobbies?

Submitted by mcleversey on

Thanks for your comments, Jonathan! You’re right—in the beginning, video games were gender-neutral…they were designed for everyone! Unfortunately, however, in the 80s and 90s there was a shift, and video games started being marketed more towards males than females. Then, as you said, it became a supply and demand issue – since more males were already buying video games, it made sense to keep targeting males when creating and marketing new games! Things have gotten better in recent years with the growing popularity of computer games and family-centric consoles like the Wii coming into play. Of course all boys (and men) can and should be able to play whatever video games they like…and so, too, should girls, =)