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How Does Your Garden Grow


Be Creative!

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Meredith, Queen's Square | April 1, 2019

It’s finally spring! Which means it’s time to get things growing.

There’s no doubt that gardening is an incredibly worthwhile venture. It has fantastic psychological benefits, it can add colour to your world, and it has the ability to literally put food on your table. If the idea of gardening sounds difficult, dirty, or just plain boring, maybe you’re thinking about gardening all wrong!

Start small – Want to try your hand at creating an outdoor oasis, but don’t want to spend hours digging in the dirt? Make a fairy garden in your backyard. You’ll get the experience of garden design with the added freedom of creating your own miniature world.

Keep it contained – Check out this list of 35 plants that can grow in containers. Or, look at this gallery of vertical gardens that use ladders, dressers, and even shoe organizers for plant storage. A lot of gardening can be done indoors, and if you’re planning to move away for school in the fall, you can even do a bit of dorm gardening!

Try something exotic – Flowers and cabbages too mundane for you? The world is full of unique and amazing plants. Did you know in Japan and China they have beautiful Skeleton flowers? And in Australia, there’s the adorable Flying Duck Orchid. Strange and unusual specimens exist all over the globe, with some even close to home. Check out this list of plants featured locally at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

Gardening is relaxing, fulfilling work that gives you lifelong skills and—depending on what you plant—maybe even something delicious to eat. If you want to know more about gardening, visit our Preston Community Garden, and check out the Idea Exchange Seed Library!