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Mya Kidson | December 15, 2017

Ok so it's taken me a whole year to gain enough courage to write this in a blog post and something inside me still doesn’t feel quite ready, but I hope that if I open up about my struggles, I will help others. Of course we all go through tough times, and as we all know, bullying can be very destructive enough to the point, victims can’t take it anymore. This was me. I was bullied, left on the edge of a cliff of life. Questions running through my mind day after day, do I jump and escape, risking the effects, or turn around and confront my problems. I chose to jump which I regret.

To cope with the emotional stress that my bully caused me, I developed anorexia. It was my escape. For if I could control my weight, I could ultimately control my life. What started as a harmless method of losing a few pounds soon became an obsession. I took excessive measures to starve myself and exercise. Soon enough the calorie intake became less than the calorie output, but it made me happy. I loved seeing the scale drop, I loved to see the bones protruding from my skin. But I still felt empty. Months later the physical and mental effects started to kick in. I became lethargic, unfocused and sad. I looked like a ghost, my skin was pale, I was always cold, I had no fat covering my bones, and my hair started to become brittle. I won’t bear you with any more of the nitty gritty details of malnourishment, but it’s not pretty.

Although I regret not standing up to my bully, I think that this very low point in my life has taught me how to rise above my greatest monsters and live life the way I want. After my bully switched schools, of course I was still left with emotional scars but I started to set more goals for myself in hopes to better my perspective on life and work towards success. I started to apply myself more to school, and studying became my main priority. I strived for high marks and eventually it all paid off. By the end of grade 11 I realized what I was doing to my body and I went to go see a dietician who showed me the ropes and helped me improve my relationship with food. I am now working towards becoming a medical professional for the sole purpose of helping out others in need, because I believe that everyone needs a little support to get them on the right path.


Submitted by Marina (not verified) on

Hey Mya,
Nice blog post, I enjoyed reading it
I wanted to suggest to you that maybe you could write a blog post on mental health (like anxiety, stress, etc)
If you want just a suggestion.