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Importance of Books


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Chance Tabor | March 4, 2019

Almost anyone can write and publish a kid’s book today, but that doesn’t mean just anyone can write a good kid’s book. A good kid’s book can tell a story, or preach important advice or a lesson without having to go deep into descriptions, or be unnecessarily long. A children’s book that does that, even without its art, takes talent.

Some children’s books even make somewhat of a controversial message, like Olivia and the Fairy Princess telling little girls to aspire to be more than just princesses. Even Superheroes Have Bad Days teaches children that vulnerability is alright, and is part of being human. The Memory Tree is about helping children cope with death and loss. Another example, a Tale of Two Daddies explains to kids that it’s totally normal to have two dads! Some adults could really stand to learn from these books, too.

The importance of children’s literature is often downplayed because of the simplistic writing style, but it should never be underestimated. Dr. Seuss, a very beloved name to any writer or reader, actually played a big part in eliminating illiteracy around the time of World War 2 with his children’s writings!

Next time you complain about how bad kid’s books are, or how anyone could write it- just think to yourself: ‘Maybe I’m just reading the wrong books.’