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Teen Tastemakers | March 1, 2020

March Break is coming soon, so the Teen Tastemakers have dreamed up how certain fictional characters would spend their free time (you know, if they were real). Can you guess which characters we’re talking about? 


For my March break, I am planning to get away from it all. Life has been very stressful lately, so I am taking a vacation at a lovely little hotel in the mountains of Colorado. It is completely isolated, with only a small town nearby, so it’ll be great to get off the internet, work on my passion projects, and spend quality time with my wife and son. And, due to the time of year, there will likely be some beautiful wintry views. Sure, the hotel will be entirely empty except for me and my family, but what could possibly go wrong? CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER!   


This March Break, I am hoping to have an excellent time. I will attend a variety of parties and theatre performances, all among the highest members of society, and hopefully while away the hours in a whirlwind of debauchery and hedonism. However, I unfortunately won’t be able to invite any of my friends to come visit my own beautiful home - it is far too dangerous, as any well-meaning person could accidentally discover my darkest secret. CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER! 


Over this March break I’m going to start off by brushing my long, silky, blonde hair. Lately it’s getting to be more tangled then usual. Once I’m done and I feel as though all the tangles are out I’m going to try adventuring the kingdom. When I was stuck in that dark, lonely tower I wasn’t able to make friends and have a social life but ever since Mother Gothel died I’ve been wanting to make new friends and become more social and involved with people here in the kingdom.  CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER!


I’m spending the whole March break with my daughter. We’re gonna eat cheeseburgers and junk-food in general until we’re sick. Okay, probably not. Her mom will have my head if that happens.

I should have the kid over too, if he doesn’t already have plans. What am I saying, of course he has no plans. Anyway, my daughter has been going on about hanging out with her “big brother” for the past week at least. I’m starting to think she likes him more than me. I’m just glad she’s can finally met him though. I should take the two of them out to see a movie or something. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

What I’m definitely not going to be doing is working on any of my projects. Or taking any phone calls for my company. I’m spending the week relaxing. Who says March break is just for kids? Okay, yeah, fair enough. Most of my friends would say I act like a child anyway. CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER!

How many did you guess correctly? Tell us in the comments below!