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Chance Tabor | May 7, 2019

Mental Illness is a scary, but commonplace phenomenon, especially in recent years. It can make regular life incredibly difficult for some, or even borderline impossible for others. It takes lots of effort to overcome it, but it can be done, with the right help, and proper support from friends and loved ones.

Mental Disorders aren’t an easy thing to spot. Oftentimes the symptoms hardly seem out-of-place, like: frequent ‘down’ moods, irritability, and lack of focus. Other times it can be more in-your-face with mood swings, aggression, and horrible breakdowns. Regardless of the symptoms, mental Illness can be equally as dangerous.

The best way to help a friend with mental illness is just to be there for them and, do your best to understand their situation. Going to your nearest Idea Exchange location and checking out a few books on mental illness is a great plan, but so is just asking their perspective calmly. It can be rude to suggest seeing a doctor, but if it only seems to be getting worse, sometimes the best you can do is suggest medical or therapeutic help, and giving them space.

If you believe you or family members have symptoms, going to a doctor has never made anything worse. Certainly, staying away from screens, going for peaceful walks in nature, yoga and meditation can assist with symptoms, but they may not deal with the root of the problem.

Some helpful resources:

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