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Mya Kidson | November 28, 2017

Many of you have probably read or heard of “The Book Of Awesome.” If not, then it should be your next read. We go through life unaware of the small things that we take for granted on a daily basis. When you read this it will teach you to look at the little awesome perks in life. I have a list of little things that generate satisfaction for me… and perhaps they do for you as well.
• Opening the thermos of tea and going in for a sip and it’s the perfect temperature.
• The crunching sound of golden leaves under my feet on a sunny fall day.
• Fall in general.
• Finishing a good book.
• The start of a new season of my favourite show.
• Finding shoes on sale that are in my exact size.
• Savasana pose.
• Finishing a test after I’ve spent days preparing and worrying about it. And having no homework after the fact.
• The smell of fresh bread baking in the oven.
• Sweater Weather.
• Being able to cry during a really sad movie.
• Saying “hi” to everyone I pass on afternoon walks.
• When my favourite song comes in and I am not afraid to jam out to it wherever I am.
• Ukulele night at the Hespeler library on Wednesday nights.