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Napoleon Dynamite!


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Federico Chaux | January 5, 2018

The first time I watched Napoleon Dynamite I was around eleven or so. At the time it was probably one of the most bizarre movies I had ever seen. Now being much older, I understand the way the absurdness, the picturesque settings and characters, make it one of the best films ever. The plot is very simple: an awkward teenager Napoleon, who finds himself dislocated and socially lost from both his home and school, helps his friend become class president in the most unconventional ways. All set in peculiar backdrop of Idaho.

Although the film was set in the early 2000’s it gives off very strong eighties or nineties vibes: Forever Young by Alphaville is played at the school dance, Deb has a side ponytail and Napoleon used a VCR to learn dance moves.  This is another reason why the movie is so original, yet can still keep in touch with the audience of today, making it a cult classic.

Napoleon and his peers can be such outcasts with their very dorky and socially unremarkable attitudes, yet still be in touch with the reality teens face – school dance dates, awkward family members, and popularity.

In brief, if you ever feel like watching something other than overproduced Hollywood movies that always have the same plot, actors and directors, Napoleon Dynamite is truly a movie worth checking out.