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Mya Kidson | November 10, 2017


I remember in grade 7 when my parents got a subscription to Netflix. It consumed my life as I binge-watched Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars in the matter of a week. The satisfaction gained when a new season arrives on Netflix after a long day of school is immense. To this day, my family is still subscribed to Netflix, however I limit myself to how much I watch per day, as it can get quite addicting.

I really enjoy the variety of content and the fact that they provide Netflix Originals. I have been enthralled by many new shows featured on Netflix. The following shows have to be my overall favourite so far:

  • Stranger Things: I watched the first season from start to finish. Although I am not partial to sci-fi shows, I really liked the suspense and character development in the show.
  • Orange is the New Black: This show highlights female empowerment, featuring drama, with a mix of comedy. I was on the edge of my seat yelling out loud to the characters throughout most of the episodes.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: Although this remake doesn’t beat the original movie, I like how they made it a series instead of one movie. I enjoyed the strange yet comedic atmosphere that Count Olaf sets in this dark comedy.
  • Santa Clarita Diet: Another twisted comedy, Drew Barrymore plays Sheila who wakes up one day suddenly craving human flesh. In this series we watch their struggle to keep their cannibal cravings a secret from their neighbours.