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Overcoming Your Fears


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  • Woman terrified of spider.

Mya Kidson | October 5, 2017

When I was younger I could have described myself as a quitter. I would back out of things that scared me just so I could avoid them. I quit swimming lessons because I didn’t like the deep end, gymnastics because I disliked the vault, karate because of the authoritative boys, horseback riding because I couldn’t do up the girth, and many more. I backed out of school presentations because I was afraid to speak aloud, and I faked injuries so I could get out of gym because I was less athletic than the others. During family functions I would try to avoid talking at all costs. I was quite a strategic child but at the same time I was going through life the easy way, and I gained no sense of reality from it.

As I got older life threw me a curb ball and I found out what true reality was really like.  I hit a major barrier in life as I was victim to bullies and broken friendships. These experiences knocked me down for quite a while but I eventually got back up and changed my outlook on life. I think this point in time taught me that I had to alter my actions in order to become a stronger person.

I am a shy person by nature and I would expect myself to be the person to do something exuberant, but new Mya was determined to step out of her boundaries. I made a goal for myself that I would face my fears by doing something that scared me everyday.

I began to get braver and braver, and I love myself even more.

By accomplishing my goals/fears I…

  • Went for several interviews to try and get a job, and I currently am working as a page at the Hespeler library.
  • Started a business and talk to customers regularly.
  • Have entered and recited poems at poetry competitions.
  • Created the E-Writer idea and have become the face of the Idea Exchange teen blogger.
  • Volunteer as a historical interpreter at both Woodside and Westfield.
  • Volunteer in general and hold over 350 volunteer hours.
  • Climb physical feats (overcome my fear of heights and high roller coasters by going ziplining, etc.)

Get out there and overcome what scares you most!