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Power of Paper


e-Writer in Residence

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Victoria M. | January 16, 2019

Just imagine on a snowy day, you’re cuddled up by a fireplace, hot chocolate on the table, and a book on your lap. It’s a perfect picture, right? But what happened to school books? It’s simple they’re all online. Is that better?

Studies have proven that when you read a book you retain the information better than off of a screen. This is caused by how your brain sees the screen. When you look at a screen your brain sees the individual pixels but words on paper appear as whole words. Also, books are much easier to study from. You can highlight stuff and write side notes with ease. On a computer, you have to drag your mouse across the screen, then select your colour, then find the comment button because nobody can ever find that button then write it. On paper, you highlight, scribble down some notes and draw an arrow and boom, you're done.

All in all, hand held books give you that comfort of feeling what you’re reading and absorbing it. Handheld books are better for your brain rather than all of the LED screens that we stare at all day. Books have the power to drag you to a magical land that you never want to return from. Books are best read by a fireplace on a snowy day with hot chocolate on the table