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Meredith, Clemens Mill | April 12, 2018

The Breakfast Club was released over 30 years ago, and it’s as relevant today as it was back in 1985. If you’re thinking of checking out this classic teen flick, or if you know and love the movie already, you’ll soon (re)discover the five characters that make—and break—the stereotypes of high school. Question is – Which one are you?

The Princess – Claire is the pretty, popular girl, the girl stuck in detention because she skipped school to go shopping. But under her glossy lipstick and fashionable clothes, Claire has insecurities about her own worth. She’s stuck in the middle of her parents’ ongoing feuds, she’s scared about maintaining the right reputation, and she’s inexplicably attracted to the bad boy who constantly questions her high-class attitude. If you’ve always admired Claire, check out these books:

Rich and Pretty

  • Spoiled – Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan
  • Private – Kate Brian

Unhappy Families

Good Girl Meets Bad Boy

The Athlete – Andy is a wrestler, on his way to winning a scholarship and making it big in the college sports world. But Andy hates the pressure from his father to be a ‘proper man’, even if that means being a bully and an all-around jerk. Andy’s in detention for embarrassing and physically hurting a classmate because of a prank. Andy’s father thinks the prank was fine, except that Andy got caught. Andy, however, is secretly sickened by his own actions. If you’ve always been a fan of Andy, check out these reads:


  • Winger – Andrew Smith
  • Pop – Gordon Korman

Peer Pressure

The Game Changer

The Criminal – Bender’s not an easy guy to get along with. He’s a troublemaker through and through, testing the limits every chance he gets. He’s crass, rude, and intrusive. But Bender’s also funny, insightful, and full of pain he keeps hidden under a nasty exterior. His home life is terrible and his future prospects are bleak, but he’s willing to take the blame for others. Plus, there’s something about Claire’s bright and innocent personality that he finds irresistible. If you don’t think Bender’s a true criminal, or if you love him because you really believe he is, check out these reads:

Abusive Homes

Bullies & Friends

Beneath the Anger

The Brain – Brian is a nerd. He’s smart, he’s awkward, and he doesn’t buy into the notion of high school cliques. But there’s more to this kid than good grades and a goofy look. He’s a sweet boy who’s sick of being put down by others who are “cooler” than him. And, like Andy, he faces a lot of pressure at home—so much so that Brian is in detention for bringing a flare gun to school with him after he received a bad grade in shop class. If you’ve ever felt like Brian’s the true hero of this gang, check out these reads:


Darker Sides

Taking a Stand

The Basket Case – Allison’s the hardest member of the Breakfast Club to figure out. She’s quiet and odd, apparently showing up to detention just because she had nothing better to do. But even Allison has her secrets. She’s lonely, both at school and at home, and she tries to deal with the unbalances in her life by leaning into the weirdness others claim she exhibits. By the end of detention, Allison might be changing her ways, or she might just be adopting one more personality trait. If you’re anything like Allison, check out these reads:

Unpopular Girl & Popular Boy

Mental Illness

Liars & Sneaks

So, which one are you? A Princess? Athlete? Criminal? Brain? Basket Case? Or, like the teens in the movie, are you maybe a bit of everything? The Breakfast Club has retained its popularity for over 30 years, and with good reason. Check it out today, and let us know in the comments which member of the Breakfast Club you most connect with.