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Quick Halloween Costumes


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Mya Kidson | October 30, 2017

I remember when I was younger, Halloween was always my favourite time of the year; it still is. I remember planning my costume months ahead of time. I would research what I wanted to be and make everything perfect for the big night. I wanted to have the best and most unique costume in the crowd. As the years progressed, although Halloween stayed my favourite day of the year, I eventually became less craftsy with my costumes. When I get an idea for a costume, I always try to make it as creative as possible. I have been trying to come up with some ideas that I could dress up for Halloween this fall, and came across a few last minute ideas that are cheap, and not much of a hassle to make.

• Tourist - dress up in a touristy shirt from a place you have visited. Whether it be the famous “I love NY” shirt or something of that sort. Wear a bucket hat that cinches around the chin, and some sunglasses. Carry a map and huddle in a group with other “tourists”, asking people where things are.

• For scientific people, you can dress up as an element from the periodic table. Pick your favourite element from table and decorate a square of paper as your element. To make it even more unique create your ensemble around that element. For example: If you’re Helium put some Helium filled balloons around you.

• Famous people: Rosie the Riveter. Simple dress in a denim shirt and jeans and roll up your sleeves and accessorize your hair with a red bandana.

• Looking for a couple costume? You could be salt and pepper.

• Be a mime: dress up in black pants a white striped shirt and go all out with white face makeup. Or use that striped t shirt and black pants to become a bank robber. Finish this outfit with a bag of money, a black beanie and a mask.

• Where’s Waldo? WARNING; you might get lost in the crowd!