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Laura, Old Post Office | December 1, 2020

Do you enjoy playing a fun game with your friends or family? Humans have been gaming throughout the centuries, as games play an important role in culture. Tile games, puzzle games, dice games and more have roots in ancient civilizations around the world.

Games encourage social interaction and allow players to think creatively and develop skill or strategy in order to master a game.  Even single-player games today often require critical thinking and planning to get the highest score, beat the boss fight, or get to the next level. Gaming has evolved and grown to include so many possibilities - there is sure to be a game for everyone!

At Idea Exchange, we love a good game! If you like console gaming, explore our video game collection to discover your next favourite adventure. Interested in gaming but don’t own a console? Visit our Clemens Mill or Old Post Office locations to get your game on with our Playstation 4. If you’ve ever wanted to play video games on the big screen, visit the Old Post Office to play the Nintendo Switch on the video wall! Give us a call to book your game time today.

For our tabletop gamers, borrow a game from our board game collection to start your next journey. Embark on a railway adventure with Ticket to Ride, try some family favourites like Codenames and Settlers of Catan, or save the world in Pandemic.  For fans of tabletop role-playing, dust off your mighty wizard or stealthy rogue and begin your next quest with us. Roll for initiative and join us to play a one-off Dungeons and Dragons game on Zoom!

Whether you are eager to take on some goblins or are simply looking for ideas for your next Zoom party, Idea Exchange has a game for you!