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Relaxation for the End of the School Year


Be Creative!

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Brooke, Clemens Mill | April 11, 2018

Don’t let your finals make you wig out! Summer and freedom are just around the corner!

If you need some help keeping calm between studying and doing projects though, why not give colouring a try? It isn’t just for little kids anymore! You can download your own colouring sheets for free at websites like Coloring Pages for Adults or Art Is Fun.

Need more mobility with your coloring? You can download Colorfy directly onto your phone or tablet through Google Play or iTunes.

If you don’t want to color alone, you can even stop by any of our Idea Exchange locations for free coloring with a wide selection of adult coloring books and sheets that are already printed for you.

Each of our locations also has board games (both classic and new) for a fun and calming game night with your friends. You can always check out binge-worthy TV series and movies when you want to procrastinate too—Game of Thrones or the Harry Potter Series.

Just remember to take a deep breath and know that it is almost over. VICTORY IS NIGH!