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Federico Chaux | March 1, 2018

Growing up, I watched movies about high schoolers quite often. Freaky Friday, 17 again, High School Musical, just to name some classics. These movies were enjoyable until a certain point, and that was the fact that they were never on a relatable level. Obviously these movies aren't close to reality but once I grew older, movies such as the Perks of Being a Wallflower, Juno and The Breakfast Club were my main interest. Everytime I watched a movie about coming of age or teenage angst, it still never felt in touch with the reality of teenagers today.

I recently watched The Edge of Seventeen and although the themes presented were quite interesting and a bit relatable, the dialogue was quite forced, and the characters were mostly played by actors in their 20’s. The representation of teenagers being obsessed with social media, being self absorbed and shallow are quite unrealistic. And obviously the main character has quirky traits that make her totally different and stand out from the rest!

Movies about teenagers are not really produced for teenagers, but more for adults, where they are interested in seeing the same things like, a coming of age tale, or a story about characters based on kinda outdated and generalized clichés that most people have of teenagers. It would be good to see something a little more relatable, with characters being played by age- appropriate actors and storylines that we as teenagers can relate to, in this time and era!