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Charlotte Turner | January 15, 2018

I started learning guitar in May 2016, but I didn’t progress beyond basic chords until next October when I joined my school’s School of Rock. Inspired by the movie of the same name, School of Rock takes budding and experienced musicians, teaches them a wide variety of songs, and puts on a concert in June. With help from my superb French teacher, Mr. Shapiro, I went from barely being able to play chords, to playing twenty plus songs in a concert. With singers, guest musicians, and a horn section we played everything from Led Zeppelin to Pat Benatar. Mixing with that group of like-minded students, I felt such community that I think is universal throughout music.

I could talk about guitar picks and how we needed strings. I knew we were going to play Billie Jean for soundcheck - because it’s easiest - and I knew music would get me through the day. If you love music, you can make friends and express how you feel through the universal music language. Given the chaos of today’s world, music is important and if you have the opportunity to join something like School of Rock, I recommend doing it because rock ‘n’ roll is about taking chances.