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  • Teen Scavenger Hunt Challenge
    Students of St. Benny's Complete Scavenger Hunt Challenges During a Dino Rampage!
  • Teen Scavenger Hunt
    YOU Have Been Chosen to Complete Your Own Scavenger Hunt Adventure!

Brooke, Clemens Mill and Preston | April 2, 2018

Running Around--Completing Challenges--Collecting Items

Jurassic World came to St. Benny's in honor of the blockbuster movie's release! The madness of a full out scavenger hunt was offered to the students of St. Benedict's Secondary School through the Idea Exchange Clemens Mill on June 9th. There were 20 teens racing around the library and the school grounds trying to get to the finish line first! They had to complete physical challenges like an obstacle course and collect random items while trying to survive a dinosaur rampage. The first place team got gift cards to Tim Hortons!

Even though you might have missed the event, you can still have your own scavenger hunt fun with your friends. The traditional scavenger hunt involves collecting items from a list. Basically, you could run all over an area or even the whole town to find what you need from the list within a certain span of time. Smart phones have helped the scavenger game though! Instead of having to buy or collect the items to turn them in, you can just take a picture of you holding the item or standing next to it. Just remember that if you are taking pictures of people to ask permission first by letting them know you are on a scavenger hunt mission! Also, you should always stay with your team to keep things fair. Don’t divide a team to collect the items more quickly!

Prizes can be as simple as bragging rights or something more substantial--like everyone puts in a dollar and the winning team gets the money or the losers have to buy dinner for the winners!

It is always best to have an outside unbiased person to be the referee and the final judge who determines the winning team. This person does not complete the challenges but has all the power! One of your friends can volunteer for the honor, or you can ask a parent.

Here are a few sample lists you can use with your friends for a day this summer when you get too bored to function:

          MALL HUNT (Go to the mall to find…):

                   Sale item
                   Something with a Roots logo
                   Shoes on display
                   Someone getting a haircut

          SPORTING EVENT HUNT (Go to a sporting event to find…):

                   Someone wearing a cap
                   Pads or helmet
                   Sport-related ball (baseball, soccer ball, football, golf ball)
                   Team coach
                   Someone drinking pop

          MOVIE THEATER HUNT (Go to the movies to find these items—then enjoy a movie!):

                   Special edition cup
                   Someone tearing tickets
                   Someone eating ice cream
                   Bucket of popcorn
                   Movie poster

You can also checkout these longer scavenger hunt lists online: Random Items List and Scavenger Hunt Printables