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Federico Chaux | May 8, 2018

A while back, my phone broke. Not just the typical screen crack or the malfunction of the camera. It smashed against the floor while I was in class and it was totally a death fall, K.O.

Now, when something like this happens, there's two main things most people would do; repair it, and go on with your life, or buy a new one. Neither of these were an option; spending over $300 on a new phone and getting it repaired, seemed a little extreme at the time.

The first week, was almost unbearable. Having to ride the school bus, without music? How will I contact people? How will I keep up with my snapchat streaks?! I sensed a feeling of missing out on memes, news and social media.I came to recognize this weird unconscious fear I have had ever since I began using social media, circa 2014: If I don't have an online presence, I’m missing out.

Missing out on what, exactly? Not just the communication aspect, but I guess missing out of the ‘rewarding’ experiences my friends might be doing, or wanting to show off the identical or equal activity, so my friends can ‘experience’ it with me? It sounds really weird and confusing but, in reality, that's how most of us use social media, and how it’s designed to function.

The weeks following I began to spend my time and energy in other things like reading. (Currently obsessed with Bret Easton Ellis, the weird consumerism themes relate so hard?!)

Which growing up was my favourite past time, but ever since I got social media I was never able to concentrate on the actual words or story line. Now I’m back to it and it feels so, liberating?

I hate to admit it, but social media is a total drain of energy. And don't get me wrong, I love social media, its helped me build a better character in my sense of humour, my clothing style and how I see the world, but its really important to know how to use it for the better good.