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Carroll, Queen's Square | May 2, 2018

Most of us have enjoyed an epic Nerf battle at some point during our lives. Whether that took the form of launching foam darts at our friends in the backyard, or getting drenched by a Super Soaker, Nerf has always held a soft spot in the hearts of people, young and old alike!

But did you know that Nerf has actually been around since the 1970s? Created by Parker Brothers, and now owned by Hasbro, you might not know that Nerf actually stands for “non-expanding recreational foam” and that they make a host of other neon-coloured sporting equipment, including footballs, baseballs, basketballs and dog toys!

However, none are as beloved and revered as the Nerf blaster. To date there are over 59 different series of Nerf Blasters, containing over 420 individual pieces. If you’re a Nerf memorabilia collector that means you’ve probably got some serious catching up to do! You can read more about all the different blasters that have been released over the years here.

If you love all things Nerf like we do, come out to the Queen’s Square Library on Friday June 8th (6-8pm) for an epic after-hours Nerf showdown. There will be timed challenges, team challenges, target practice and an everyone-for-themselves challenge. We’ve got the run of the building, so this promises to be a battle for the ages!

This event is for teens ages 13-18. Bring your unmodified Nerf Blaster and Foam Darts (no Nerf Rivals, please!). Please call 519-621-0460 or go online to register.


I'm actually kinda looking forward to this but I'm terrified I'll just be the only one there. If anyone else is planning on going and reads this, could you please drop a comment below so I feel less awkward. (Please don't judge me...)

Submitted by Laura (not verified) on

Hi Jon -- No need to worry! I can tell you there are 5 other people signed up so far, and it's early still. Be sure to register and get set for an epic Nerf battle!

Laura, Digital Services, Idea Exchange

Submitted by Shaun @ IdeaExc... (not verified) on

Don't sweat it Jon. We usually get a huge rush of people signing up on the night before stuff like this. You'll be glad you signed up early.
Plus I'll be there and I'm super tall, so I basically count as 2 and a half extra people.