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  • Claire (Preston High School, Grade 9)
    Claire (Preston High School, Grade 9)
  • Ben (Preston High School, Grade 11)
    Ben (Preston High School, Grade 11)
  • Charlotte (Glenview Park Secondary School, Grade 10)
    Charlotte (Glenview Park Secondary School, Grade 10)
  • Emily (Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, Grade 11)
    Emily (Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, Grade 11)
  • Ethan (Galt Collegiate Institute, Grade 11)
    Ethan (Galt Collegiate Institute, Grade 11)
  • Gemma (Glenview Park Secondary School, Grade 10)
    Gemma (Glenview Park Secondary School, Grade 10)
  • Madeleine (Homeschooled, Grade 10)
    Madeleine (Homeschooled, Grade 10)
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Teens, Idea Exchange | October 1, 2018

Idea Exchange is proud to introduce our 2018-2019 Teen Tastemakers, our teen ambassadors and authorities on good taste. The Tastemakers provide input about our collection, write content for our website, and help to prepare and promote teen events. Keep an eye on our teen page for interesting ideas and recommendations!

Preston High School, Grade 11

My name is Ben and I am in grade 11. I currently attend Preston High School with an insane interest in computers and how they function and how I can use my skillset to help strengthen the economy in the programming scene. The reason my interest in computers is so great is because of my father’s heavy involvement in the field and also the unlimited possibilities with the use of computers on a global scale. I have traveled to multiple provinces and states in the western world and have traveled abroad to Britain, France, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Egypt.

Ben Recommends:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone The Hunger Games This Mortal Coil The Fall of Gondolin The Communist Manifesto

Glenview Park Secondary School, Grade 10

Hi, everyone! My name is Charlotte, and I’m one of this year’s Teen Tastemakers. I’m in grade 10 pre-IB at Glenview Park Secondary School, and I’m so excited to be on the team! I love music, reading, and writing, and movies, but I also run on my school’s cross country team, attempt lots of DIYs, and draw a lot. If I’m not at home, getting into a new book or TV show, you can probably find me at the library, the record store, or Value Village, thrifting up a storm.

Charlotte Recommends:

Crazy ex-girlfriend Just Kids Lady Bird Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Camp Cope

Preston High School, Grade 9

My name is Claire. I go to Preston H.S, where I am on the basketball team and the band. I also have two extra-curricular activities: basketball and piano. I’ve been playing rep. ball since Gr. 6 and the piano since I was 4. My schedule is pretty hectic: I always have something planned after school every day, but I’ve got it all under control. Like any teenager, I like to watch Netflix and hang out with friends. I also love to read; I read constantly and it annoys my parents a bit. Apart from friends, TV, and books, I also have a brother and a cousin whom I hang out with frequently. All in all, I am your average teenager with a love for reading.

Claire Recommends:

The Diabolic Throne of Glass Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Stormbreaker This Mortal Coil

Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, Grade 11

I LOVE reading and writing, which you’ve probably already guessed since I’m a Teen Tastemaker. I also really enjoy learning and school, especially math and science. For the past six years I have been taking sewing classes at the Cambridge Art Center. I have designed and sewed many different pieces including an overnight bag set, a teddy bear and many items of clothing including my most recent project, a formal dress. Aside from extracurricular activities I do a lot of volunteering, mainly with children’s programs, and run a baby/pet sitting business in my neighbourhood. I’m super excited to be part of the Teen Tastemakers!

Emily Recommends:

The Woman in the Window A Court of Thorns and Roses Six of Crows What She Knew The Glass Castle : A Memoir

Galt Collegiate Institute, Grade 11

My name is Ethan Larcher, and I am a returning Teen Tastemaker for Idea Exchange. I have been volunteering as a Teen Tastemaker for two years and I am thrilled to review for the upcoming months! I am a young enthusiastic man who is passionate about writing, acting, dancing and photography! I use to go to PHS however I recently transferred to Galt Collegiate Institute and it is an amazing school filled with artistic and academic opportunities. I am involved in drama club as well as choir and hope to join track and field in the spring.

Ethan Recommends:

Divergent The Chalk Man The Blinds Since We Fell Little Fires Everywhere

Glenview Park Secondary School, Grade 10

Hello, readers! My name is Gemma, and I’m returning this year as one of the Teen Tastemakers. I’m currently in tenth grade at Glenview Park, and I’m very passionate about reading, writing, and media. I love to bake, and looking for new stuff to enjoy. Though I’m only in tenth grade, I’m interested in pursuing a career in classical music or English.

Gemma Recommends:

A Darker Shade of Magic Avengers Zeroes Graceling Handmaid's Tale

Galt Collegiate Institute, Grade 10

Hello, my name is Jemin.

I’m from South Korea, and I like to sing, watch movies, and play some sports.

When I’m writing this message, I have lived in Canada for 10 months.

The reason I came here is to graduate high school and go to a good college or university.


Homeschooled, Grade 10

Hi, my name’s Madeleine! I’m in grade 10, I’m homeschooled, and I’m a Christian. I’m also a bookworm who’s running out of room on her bookshelf! I have two pets: a sassy lovebird and a too-smart border collie cross. Some of my hobbies include drawing, gymnastics, writing, rock collecting, and learning ASL and French! I’ve been volunteering at the library for over a year. I hope that someday I’ll get some of my books published, and that I’ll be able to travel to Europe!

Madeline Recommends:

Brave Enough Owl City The Lightning Thief Big Hero 6 Avengers Infinity War


Do you have exceptional taste? Do you love books, movies, and music? Would you like to be involved with the library, gain valuable resume experience, AND earn volunteer hours? If you would like to join the Teen Tastemakers, please contact Jessica at Idea Exchange Preston (519) 653-3632, or join us at one of our upcoming meetings.