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Teen Tastemakers | November 1, 2021

Who doesn’t love food? Whether you’re an aspiring chef or you’re more interested eating than cooking, the Teen Tastemakers have some recommendations for you:



Over the past year, I have been exploring the many channels of YouTube, and specifically the food channels. One of my favourite channels related to food on YouTube would be Binging with Babish.

He is a content creator from New York, and a self-taught chef. His content is all food related, and he takes care to write out recipes and explain all of his cooking. He is always trying new techniques and I have picked up a few tips from him myself. His inside jokes and love of Frasier makes his on screen presence all the more entertaining.

The thing that makes him and his channel unique however, is what kind of food he prepares in his videos. He makes food from movies and TV shows, and some pretty famous ones at that. From SpongeBob SquarePants's crabby patties to ratatouille right from the Pixar movie, it is so entertaining and interesting to see these foods come to life! He has done many recipes from so many movies and shows there is bound to be one you recognize.

He is what got me into cooking over the course of quarantine and I have followed along with one or two of his videos. Watching the classic foods of television get made is an amazing experience and I heavily recommend his channel to anyone looking for something new.



As the days get colder and the nights get longer, November is the perfect time to start enjoying your favourite comfort foods, and what better way to do that than with a good book? Here is a list of some books about all things food.

Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien: A large portion of the Lord of the Rings novels are centered around food—whether that’s sharing meals with friends or packing rations for the quest to defeat Sauron. A notable scene in the third book, The Return of the King, features Sam making dinner for Frodo. Even though they’re both far from home, and they’re not sure how their quest is going to end, Sam takes the time to make a good meal to show Frodo how much he loves him. These books are a perfect reminder of how something as simple as food can bring people together.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon: With this book, the food is right in the title! In this fantasy world, practitioners of magic gain their powers by eating oranges from a magic tree. Not only is this a very unique take on magic systems, but it perfectly encapsulates just how good food can be. Sure, in the real world, eating a really delicious meal might not give you magical powers, but it can feel that way. The Priory of the Orange Tree shows how food isn’t just something to keep you alive, but something that nourishes and strengthens you.



Masterchef: If you’re anything like me and can’t cook but love to judge other people’s food you might also enjoy watching cooking competition shows. In this show, passionate cooks from across the United States compete in weekly culinary challenges to improve their culinary skills and win the title of best chef. It is judged by some of the finest chefs in America, including Gordan Ramsey.

Hell’s Kitchen: Celebrity Chef Gorden Ramsey is a character that makes you want to watch a show. If you enjoy watching Masterchef, you will also get attached to Hell’s Kitchen, where judge Gordon Ramsay divides eighteen aspiring chefs into two groups and assigns them a series of cooking challenges to complete in order to win the grand prize.

Cupcake Wars: If you would rather have sweet rather than savoury try out baking competitions like cupcake Wars where talented bakers compete against one another to win the opportunity to display their cupcakes at a special event.

Nailed It: Another great option for my sweet tooth is watching Nailed It, where home bakers with a bad track record in the kitchen look for redemption and cash. In each episode, three contestants attempt to recreate appetizing masterpieces. The projects don't always turn out well, but the $10,000 prize goes to the amateur baker who comes closest to a successful dessert by the end of the episode.



Restaurants I would recommend would be "Harvey's" and "Subway."

Harvey's has the best burgers, fries and hotdogs in Cambridge that is open all the time. The hotdogs in Harvey's which is all I had so far are very juicy and grilled perfectly. I would think people who like grilled food and fast food that can get ready in very little time would love this place. I also never hear about it when you ask 'what restaurants do you like best?' so I assume it is also underrated. Go here if you'd like savory grilled food that makes your mouth water to the taste.

Subway can be very good or very bad depending on what you order, my usual order is a foot-long pizza sub because of the small kick of spice mixed in with the delicious melted cheese and hot pepperoni. I would try multiple orders if you haven't been at different times to try and find the one you like best since everyone has their favorites. Recommend this fast food area if you like tasty subs of multiple variations and something quick to get and eat well you drive to work or any other destination. Enjoy the food!



There are many great restaurants and food places in Cambridge. One example that I find amazing is the New China Kitchen (8-900 Jamieson Pkwy, Cambridge), serving a wide variety of Chinese foods, including spring rolls, egg rolls, many soups, chicken balls, many rices (my favourite being the chicken fried rice), many types of Suey and many types of meat as well as spicy meat. A lot of the food goes really well with some of the great sauces they have.

Another great restaurant I love is East Side Mario’s. It has the best salads, in my opinion, and it offers many different types of soups. I also love the linguine pasta they have there; there are lots of pastas. They give out a ton of free bread, which is just out of the oven and really amazing if paired with butter. They also have a kid’s menu which is a lot cheaper for children. They have some great sandwiches there as well as much more. Cambridge has a lot of diverse food places, even some Thai food places which are very good. There are lots of places to eat some great food; a lot of diverse foods are in Cambridge Ontario.

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