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Teen Tastemakers | December 1, 2021

Whether you want to hear about the best upcoming books and movies or you’re still unsure about your New Year’s Resolution, read on for our recommendations:


The end of the year is approaching, and soon we’ll be out of 2021 and into 2022. In preparation for the New Year, I thought I’d share some of my most-anticipated upcoming book releases.

  • Seasonal Fears by Seanan McGuire: This book is the sequel to the novel Middlegame (available from Idea Exchange), which follows two twins named Roger and Dodger who are the human embodiments of language and math, respectively. Middlegame was one of my favourite books—it was lyrical, emotional, beautiful, and utterly unique—and I’m so excited to see what Seanan McGuire does next in the same universe.
  • Scorpica by G. R. Macallister: The first in a new fantasy series, Scorpica is set in a matriarchal world that is turned on its head when girls stop being born. Following a wide ensemble of point-of-view characters, this book promises a complex and epic political world that I can’t wait to dive into.
  • Nona the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir: Nona the Ninth is the third book in what used to be the Locked Tomb Trilogy, but is now the Locked Tomb Quartet (the first volume, Gideon the Ninth, is available from Idea Exchange). After a surprise reveal of the series’ expansion, I honestly have no idea what is going to happen in this book and I love it. The Locked Tomb series is about necromancy, space empires, emotional anguish, swordplay, and skeletons, and Nona the Ninth is sure to deliver on those fronts.


My new year's resolution is getting fit. Over the pandemic I have been getting out of shape and gaining weight. I used to play many sports and run a lot, but because of the pandemic most sports were closed. Now that they’re open I'm not very motivated; I have become accustomed to being lazy and inactive. So my new year's resolution is to turn that around, get back into a routine on running and exercising as well as joining sports teams when they are open. Exercising will also feel good and feel good to know I'm getting back to exercising. View titles about fitness, available from Idea Exchange!

Another new year's resolution I have is to eat healthier. I do eat decently healthy food but I should be eating a lot less sweets. This will also help me achieve my goals of getting in shape and staying at a good weight. Eating healthier will also make me feel better and have a lot more energy to exercise. Starting routines like these will help me get fit but also to set goals for myself in the future and to actually achieve and work hard at them. If I just decide to keep being lazy and saying I'm going to do this, it’s never going to happen, I have to actually do it. View titles about nutrition, available from Idea Exchange!


Wonder by R.J. Palacio is an amazing book about a kid born different from the rest. It is an inspiring novel about kindness and acceptance. The main character Auggie, was born with facial deformities that made it so he couldn't attend regular school, until he finally decides he wants to go in 5th grade. There he faces challenges, namely making friends. At first it goes well, however people start to outcast him and spread rumors. Auggie feels lost and upset that he can’t attend school like the rest of the children. In the end however, Auggie loves his school and all the friends he made.

It shows that even when everything seems down, there's an upside, and starting a New Year with this mindset can be crucial to how the year turns out. With all of what these past years have been it can feel like all is lost, but there is so much more to come and so much more to experience in the coming years that the darkness of the past will disappear. Wonder is an incredible book with many great messages highlighting this theme and is a book I highly recommend and hope everyone can read to help through the new coming year.


A movie I am excited about for the new year is “John Wick 4,” on May 27, 2022. I have personally seen all the other John Wick movies (available on DVD from Idea Exchange). Lots of movies coming out do interest me. The new Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds musical, “Spirited,” is also coming out next year on Apple TV+. All the movies they are in together always get a laugh out of me, and the two of them together is going to be amazing (especially since it's a musical). I'm interested in musicals and my two favorite actors in one seems like an amazing opportunity for the director.

A YouTube channel that I will enjoy throughout the new year is called ReynaduNoctis, bizarre conspiracy theories that are backed up with unproven facts. It might make you scoff humorously or release a small laugh well watching. ReynaduNoctis makes you see classic objects in a more precise way gaining interest in these items and wanting to come up with your own insane theories on things as simple as doors. If you want to have some things to look forward to then I recommend these suggestions. All of them are funny and help with improving creativity in your life.