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Teens, Idea Exchange | April 1, 2021

April 22nd is Earth Day, and this year's theme is "Restore Our Earth." Read on for our recommendations to Cambridge teens who are interested in environmental causes, ending climate change, and saving the planet.


Earth Day is a great reminder of how important it is to live sustainability all year long! For those who want sustainability to become part of their day-to-day life but don't know where to start, social media can really help. Here are a couple Instagram pages to check out and follow for sustainable living tips and advice!

30 More Years (@30.more.years) – Run by a friend of mine, Chloe, this page has all kinds of sustainable tips, product recommendations, and even plant growing advice! Posts are clear and pretty, and there is currently a podcast in the works!

Clear the Air (@_ctablog) – Run by Jenna Phillips, this account, recommended to me by Chloe, has tons of amazing and clear information on climate change and sustainability tips as well! Clear the Air also has a blog, Facebook page, podcast, and YouTube channel!​


To celebrate Earth Day this year, here’s some media and pastimes about the environment and saving the Earth.

Parasite (2019): This black comedy thriller won Best Picture at the Oscars last year, and rightfully so. But it also has some very interesting subtext exploring climate change, and how it will always harm poor people more than rich people. The film’s discussion of environmental issues is only one of the reasons it is a very timely watch.

Judy Moody Saves the World by Megan McDonald: Although it’s a kid’s book, it’s also a fun and lighthearted look at environmentalism, with the message that everyone can be an environmentalist in their own way.

And next time you’re on a walk outside, pick up any garbage you see. It’ll help animals by keeping their habitats clean, and it’ll make our world look nicer for everyone.


You don’t have to be a scientist to learn about environmentalism. Here are my recommendations for Earth Day.

The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin: This trilogy is set in a fantasy world beset by a cycle of environmental disasters, from massive earthquakes to ice ages. Though it’s not non-fiction, it carries an important message of how communities can work together to survive and just how devastating climate change can be.

Dragon Slayer of Trondheim by E. K. Johnston: This novel is also fantasy, reimagining our world as one inhabited by dragons who prefer fossil fuels over gold. Environmentalism is a major theme, and the fantasy elements can make it easier to understand for younger readers.

Unstoppable by Bill Nye: Yes, that Bill Nye. With his knack for science and humour, he delves deep into environmental issues facing the world today and the solutions being developed

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