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Victoria M. | November 27, 2018

A new life

I have been on this shelf for a while until the nurse took me down and handed me to Iva. Her frail hands hugged me like how you would hold a newborn baby chick. As she handed me to the baby I saw the last bit of life in Iva slowly start to fade as small tears began to roll down her face. When I was in the babies tiny arms I knew that Iva’s candle was slowly being snuffed out.

*7 years later*

“Mama, mama! Where is Una the ultimate unicorn? It is utterly important that she is with me for the first day of school!” I heard her call, “She is right here,” Mama said as she picked me up and gave me to her, “You’re going to bring me good luck today Una,” And then she stuffed me into her bag.

*5 years later*

At school from her bag I heard, “Now for everybody in Mrs.Grant's class,” I wanted her name to be called so badly, Mrs. Grant was the best grade 7 teacher. And then, I heard it, her name was called! I felt the bag shift as she got up and went to go line up with her new classmates. “This is going to be the best year yet,” she whispered to me as I felt her happiness beam though the bag just like the sun.


Today she came home from school early and she came to talk to me, “You know what Una,” she said, “One day I’m going to give you to my granddaughter and you will make her smile just as you did for me.” Then she gave me a big hug, I will one day long for those hugs but not today.