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Weyes Blood


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Federico Chaux | January 22, 2018

In a 2017 Interview, Weyes Blood described herself as atemporal, meaning “of being in existence without correlation with time.” Weyes Blood gives us a mix between ‘70s soft, yet angsty rock and a very psychedelic sound - the perfect sound to describe our current social and political state.

Who is Weyes Blood you may ask? Born Natalie Mering in the early 90s, she grew up with Christian parents and also a musician brother. She soon rebelled against her parents faith and began writing music on her own. Her music shows very interesting take on millennial culture all within her newly released album ‘Front Row Seat to Earth’. The EP has multiple songs such as ‘Generation Why’ which could be translated to millennial generation. The lyrics, although simple, carry a heavy message: ‘It's not the past that scares me,  Now what a great future this is gonna be’. Only that can represent a generation that saw such a quick change in the use of technology and how it affected society, all in a short period of time.

One of the most popular songs, Seven Words takes on the same semi-nihilistic approach on her generation with the lyric that stands out the most: ‘In time we'll both be free from this ball and chain’,  possibly referring to the chains technology and social media has created for us to consume. The lyrics show a shadowy side of being a millennial, which is the pressure of living up to the standards of the Baby Boomers generation all while handling a huge social shift in culture, politics and society.

Weyes Blood is a fearless artist who shows the perfect balance between the categorized genre of psychedelic pop and soft rock, all while standing out and wanting to distance herself from them as she creates her own sound and musical artwork, just like any millennial would.