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Why I Write


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Mya Kidson | November 8, 2017

For as long as I can remember I've collected journals and written for fun. Throughout middle school, English was my favourite subject because it gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings in the form of creative writing. As school progressed, English became less about creativity and more about formality. Stories switched places with essays, and suddenly English was no longer enjoyable for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like to write everything and anything. I’ve enjoyed writing many essays, but when I am limited to a certain format, my mind can’t ponder creative structure. Writing lifts me off into another dimension. Writing enables open thoughts.

It’s writing that gives me the motivation to persevere. When I was younger I considered myself a creative kid. Like many, I had imaginary friends, and I kept tons of journals. I filled journals with daily recollections, stories, and poetry all so I could look back on them one day and see how my writing progressed. By grade 7, I had my mind set on being a journalist. That year, I attended We Day and listened to a speaker talk about her adventurous, yet risky journey as a journalist. Her story and authentic passion for writing gave me the inspiration that sparked my passion to delve further into the writing world. I write whenever I get a chance to. As a reserved individual, writing is second nature to me. It’s an escape mechanism from the bustling reality. I write simply because I enjoy how the words cascade on the pages so freely without conscious thought. This waterfall of words is my life and it will never stop flowing.