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YA eBook Highlight: Author S. K. Ali


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  • Love from A to Z Cover

Jennifer from Clemens Mill | April 9, 2020

The young adult novel Love from A to Z was my first experience of new author S. K. Ali.

Zaynab and Adam meet on a plane going to Doha, Qatar. Each of them are carrying a journal in which they record the Marvels and the Oddities of their lives. The biggest marvel, is that they meet at all, because they live on opposite sides of the world.

When they meet, they discover that they have a lot in common—they are both eighteen, Muslim, and at their own private set of crossroads in their lives.

Zaynab is travelling to stay with her Aunt because she has been suspended from school, and is taking an extra long spring break. Adam is on his way home from University.

As Zaynab and Adam get to know each other, they start to recognize each other as soul mates. They help each other to find the answers and their voices so they can become the people that they are meant to be.

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