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four seasons
Mya | February 1, 2017
A white blanket covers the branches, Outlining the roofs, A white carpet conceals the ground And white dogs disappear out of sight Winter has... Read More»
Mya | February 1, 2017
Whenever people ask me “what are your hobbies” and I say “well… I have my own business” they look extremely surprised. It is surreal for me, at 16... Read More»
The body
Mya | December 20, 2016
The body, extraordinary and living. It’s a system of teamwork, all working together to make the body function as a whole. The brain, the leader... Read More»
The hitchhiker
Mya | December 20, 2016
It was dark and ominous. The roadway was foggy but the broken line in the middle of it was still visible to the human eye. On a night like this, I... Read More»
Mya Kidson
Mya | December 20, 2016
Hello! My name is Mya, and I am a 16-year-old teen with a passion for writing. I am in grade 11 and attend Jacob Hespeler Secondary School. My... Read More»