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And I darken

White, Kiersten.
“And I Darken” as the title suggests is a fierce, dark, and thrilling novel that had me turning pages until 2 am. It's brutal and raw in the best way, and you'll most likely end up simultaneously hating and loving the characters at the same time. "And I Darken" has its two main characters in a gender swap which I found to be a fascinating aspect since it's not usually introduced in YA novels, but also because it challenges the boundaries of the historical period in which the story is set. Kiersten White has a unique way of showcasing the innermost thoughts of her characters which helps readers connect with them on a deeper level and pulling you into their complex worlds. As a lover of books, I usually end up reading a book a day which means I've read a variety of genres along the way, so believe me when I say this book is definitely worth your time.
Jennifer M (Hespeler Library)