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Carey, Anna.

When a girl wakes up on the tracks with a train rushing toward her, she has no idea how she got there, or even who she is. But surviving the train is only the beginning, and soon the girl—who names herself Sunny—is running for her life as someone hunts her down trying to end her life.

This a quick, intense read. The action begins from the moment the book starts. Sunny wakes up to find a train hurtling toward her, and the thrilling adventure continues from there. She has no memory of what’s happened to her, but a mysterious tattoo and a note saying not to go to the police guide her as she begins a frantic journey of trying to piece together her identity while also struggling to stay alive.

For those who like fast-paced action and suspense, this could be a fantastic read. Sunny has a few flashbacks throughout the story to add missing details from her empty memory, and occasionally she gets new clues about who is after her, and why. But for the most part, things remain unclear throughout most (or all) of the story. This is the first in a duology, and some readers might dislike how unresolved Blackbird’s ending is. Readers also might be put off by the fact this book is written in second person [‘you wake up’ ‘you walk across the room’ ‘you open the front door’]. But the unique style of the writing and the high-intensity plot make this worthwhile for fans of dark thriller chases with a good dose of mystery.

Meredith (Staff) (Queen's Square Library)