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The diabolic

Kincaid, S. J.
The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid is an intense sci-fi novel set millions of years in the future. The minority of the Grandiloquy rule over the oppressed Excess, and genetically modify people to serve them. Nemesis is one of these such creations-a Diabolic c made to serve a young Senator’s daughter named Sidonia. When they are teens, Sidonia’s father speaks out against the Grandiloquy’s tyrannical regime, and his daughter is summoned to the galactic court as punishment. But he will not send his daughter to her death, so Nemesis is sent in her place. What follows is an in-depth look at a study of humanity, presented as a science fiction story. Don’t get me wrong-this is a great novel with a great concept and story, but what didn’t do it for me was the romance. To me it was pointless-an afterthought, if you will. The novel is, at it’s core, a story about Nemesis and Sidonia and their changing relationship from protector and protectee to an amazing friendship that was hinted to be even more. But if romance’s your bag, or if you just want an expansive sci-fi story with new ideas and concepts, check out The Diabolic. It’ll be worth your while.
Gemma Turner (Queen's Square Library)